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Genuine Parts

Whether you're looking to maintain or improve the running conditions of your vehicle, we have everything you need! Bulbs, trim parts, brake discs, and engine parts, we have a vast range of genuine manufacturer parts, perfect for a wide range of Volkswagen models.

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Interior Parts

A great driving experience starts with interior comfort. That's why we provide only the best quality products, with 100% genuine manufacturer parts.

Whether you're looking for replacement trim pieces, or to upgrade the comfort of your seats, our range of interior parts has everything you need for a luxurious, stress-free journey.

Body Parts

When it comes to first impressions, it's all about a show-stopping exterior.

Here at John Clark, we provide only the highest standard body parts to keep your vehicle in perfect condition.

Genuine Volkswagen Parts

Specifically designed to the requirements of your vehicle, genuine Volkswagen parts are manufactured to fit your vehicle perfectly.

Choosing genuine parts means that you can be confident in purchasing only the best products in terms of quality, fit, and durability for your car.