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Here at John Clark Motor Group, we are a family run and owned automotive business representing cars, vans and motorbikes from well known brands across Scotland. With over 40 years’ experience in sales and aftersales, we wanted to make life a little easier for customers wishing to purchase parts and accessories for new or existing vehicles and introduced our online John Clark Parts Shop.

Shop Genuine Audi Parts & Accessories

When you need more from your Audi, going offroad, touring the country or simply want to protect your car, Audi Genuine Accessories provide you with the ability to tailor your car to your needs.

Precision design and uncompromising craftsmanship: two key traits of your Audi. By choosing Audi Genuine Parts, you’ll be ensuring that your car keeps its pedigree. And ensuring your Audi runs exactly as it should.

Shop Genuine BMW Parts & Accessories

Authentic accessories, specially made for your BMW.

Treat yourself – and your BMW – to something new. From stylish upgrades to practical things that make life easier.

Why genuine parts? They're precisely crafted for the perfect fit. They're not replacements, but instead are like-for-like, made using expert BMW machinery.

Shop Genuine Jaguar Parts & Accessories

Genuine Accessories. Guaranteed Fit.

Personalise your Jaguar with a wide range of accessories designed with style, practically and versatility in mind.

Precisely crafted to fit perfectly with your Jaguar of any age, our Genuine Parts provide you with complete confidence in quality, durability and function. In fact, Genuine Jaguar Parts are not merely replicas. They are immaculately reborn from original plans and built using the same tools that created your Jaguar itself.

Shop Genuine MINI Parts & Accessories

Unleash your 'go anywhere' attitude with Genuine MINI Accessories. Genuine MINI Accessories guarantee you make the most of every adventure.

Your MINI is so much more than a car – no one understands that better than we do.

Genuine Parts ensure it’s guaranteed to be treated with the same love and attention as when MINI created it.

Shop Genuine Land Rover Parts & Accessories

All Land Rover accessories are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure they meet the exacting standards you expect from Land Rover. This ensures they always work in harmony with your vehicle.

Keep your Land Rover 100% Land Rover with genuine Land Rover Parts, made specifically for your vehicle.

Maintaining your Land Rover vehicle is crucial for preserving its resale value and ensuring optimal performance.

Shop Genuine Cupra Parts

Keep your CUPRA 100% CUPRA with genuine CUPRA Parts, made specifically for your vehicle.

Genuine parts are the only true fit for your CUPRA. With efficiency, performance, and safety on the line, why opt for anything else?

Keep your CUPRA 100% CUPRA.

Shop Genuine SKODA Parts

Keep your SKODA 100% SKODA with genuine SKODA Parts, made specifically for your vehicle.

Discover our range of genuine parts and products that will help look after and protect your Škoda

Browse through our comprehensive collection to discover the perfect parts tailored to keep your SKODA running smoothly and efficiently.

Shop Genuine Volkswagen Commercial Parts

Volkswagen Genuine Parts are designed specifically for our vehicles and help to provide optimal vehicle performance and fuel economy.

Initially Genuine Parts may come at a small premium but their high quality and durability ensure they offer the lowest cost over the life of your vehicle and they can contribute to maintaining your vehicle’s used market value.

Shop Genuine Volkswagen Parts

All our Genuine Parts are approved by Volkswagen product experts.

Because every Genuine Part is tailored to Volkswagen models, they help your Volkswagen retain its value.

Product tests carried out by independent inspectors ensure Volkswagen Genuine Parts are always of the highest quality.

Shop Genuine Volvo Parts

All Volvo Genuine Parts are designed, tested and manufactured to optimally interact with all the parts and systems of your car.

Genuine Volvo parts are made specifically for your Volvo.

We specialize in providing genuine components that uphold the high standards of Volvo's engineering excellence.

Shop Genuine SEAT parts

Keep your SEAT brand new and on track with our Genuine SEAT parts.

John Clark is your ultimate destination for genuine SEAT car parts. We take pride in offering authentic SEAT components, ensuring your vehicle receives the precision and quality it deserves.

Trust us as you explore our extensive catalog designed to meet the specific needs of your SEAT model.

Shop BMW Motorrad Rider Wear

Experience the pinnacle of BMW Motorrad Riderwear , a comprehensive collection designed for the discerning motorcyclist.

Meticulously crafted from premium materials, each piece of rider wear offers a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and uncompromising protection.

Whether conquering the urban jungle or navigating winding roads, Genuine BMW Motorrad Rider wear sets the standard for elevated performance and iconic design.